Angel Foods

Being born in Greece, under the blue sky, by the crystal waters, in the calmness of the virgin nature of this country is a unique privilege. Living on the earth where civilisation, art, philosophy and sciences thrived, determines your attitude in life. Growing up with the products offered by this special land, cultivated by proud people respecting the same values and principles as in antiquity, opens up new horizons of taste, health and well-being.

For us the well-known Mediterranean diet is our Sunday family-gathering table. Savouring the taste and aroma, included in every mouthful of greek food and sharing with all groups of people –wherever they live- the greek gastronomy benefits everyone for all above mentioned reasons.

This is why we established the firm “Angel foods” and carefully designed the collection of greek tastes under the name “kaloudi” (goodies). There is one simple criteria for choosing these specific products: to be consumed by us and our own children. Our vision is making it possible that the best products of Greece reach every family, all over the world, daily!

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