with extra virgin olive oil spicy

Kaloudi Greek Rusks from Kythera island

Kaloudi rusks are traditionally produced in the small island of Kythera, on the south coast of Peloponnese. Kaloudi rusks are basically slices of bread that have been baked again so they harden and can be kept for very long periods of time. They are crispy but not so hard and the best way to enjoy them is with Kaloudi feta Cheese, at your breakfast with butter and honey or with any other savoury treat you can think of. Try them with our Kaloudi Tzatziki, Chilly Chese or Houmous. You can also crumble them in salads like croutons, they give a very nice taste and texture. Our Kaloudi Kythera Rusks are presented in several tastes like olive oil or spicy.