Kaloudi Olives

Olives are one of the world’s most widely enjoyed foods and they are good for you!

Olive fruit contain polyphenols, vitamins and other natural antioxidant compounds beneficial to our health. The monounsaturated fat content (the healthy kind) in olives is associated with protecting the heart from disease, due to improved cholesterol levels and blood pressure. And that’s not all: eating olives helps prevent inflammation in the body, which is a trigger for many other potentially serious conditions.

Unlike many other olive producing countries, our Greek olive producers use only traditional and entirely natural olive curing recipes, with absolutely no chemical additives or preservatives. This, combined with their excellent taste and firm, crispy texture, secures the well-deserved worldwide reputation of Greek olives.

Only the best Greek eating olives are selected for the Kaloudi olive range. This includes the famous black Kalamata olive and the popular green olive, plain or stuffed with red pepper. The range is rounded off with olive paté from black or green olives.

So there you have it: as a healthy olive snack, on its own or with salad, an appetizer or amuse-bouche, Kaloudi olives and olive paté will liven up your meal every time.

Interesting tip: The word “olive” derives from the Greek ἐλαία (elaía, “olive fruit”, “olive tree”) and ἔλαιον (élaion, “olive oil”). The edible olive has been cultivated for at least 5,000 to 6,000 years, with the most ancient evidence of olive cultivation having been found in Crete and it is considered to be the source of the Minoan civilization wealth.